Good times! The Truly Tasteless Jokes eBooks are now available!

Time to soil your eReaders folks! The first three volumes of Truly Tasteless Jokes are now available for the Amazon Kindle (looks great on the iPad) and Barnes and Noble Nook eReaders. Get yours now! Cheap!! $3.99 each. Sales of the eBooks directly benefit the author.

Truly Tasteless Jokes One

The original bestseller — the book that took America by storm and proved that nothing is sacred — is back as an e-book. It’s all in here: jokes for the blind, the dumb, and the over- and under-endowed that will make you weep or howl — and love every minute of it.

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Truly Tasteless Jokes Two

One book wasn’t enough. Demand was too great. The truly tasteless among us insisted on more outrageous insults, crude wit, and disgusting observations. Once again, no group is spared and nothing is too sacred to be ridiculed.

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Truly Tasteless Jokes Three

Disgusting, abhorrent, and just plain terrible. But people love them. Tackling every taboo subject, this truly tasteless little book proves that there’s nothing too sacred to be laughed at. After all, it was a #1 bestseller.

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