Truly Tasteless Jokes Desecrates Radio–FCC’s Underpants in Knotts

Constipated Reactionaries and American Taliban suffered through tightly wound sphincters and knotted bladders while they endured a fifteen minute radio segment featuring Truly Tasteless Jokes author Ashton Applewhite (aka “Blanche Knott”) Saturday evening, 6/18/2011. The ever-courageous News Talk Radio 77 WABC New York’s John Batchelor Show (hosted by Paul Vigna) spoke candidly with Applewhite about the origins of the infamous Truly Tasteless Jokes series, noting that Applewhite/Knott was the only author ever in the history of the world to have enjoyed the carnal pleasure of having four (4) books on the New York Times Best Seller List simultaneously.

In this cunningly provocative interview, host Paul Vigna (Editor Note: “Vigna” — not “vagina”) explores the effect the Truly Tasteless Jokes series had on the (mostly teenage male) youth of the 1980s and the potentially consequential uprising of tasteless politically correct fascism on college campuses the following decade.

Listen to this candid interview and understand the healing power of humor, the true history of crowd sourcing and the reason why an apology for TTJ is not necessary.

Listen here:


For the full interview as well as a link to many excellent John Batchelor Show pocasts click here.

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